Celebrate Xiamen Highdart Electronic Information Co., Ltd. To Obtain NEEQ notice of acceptance

Column:Company News Time:2016-07-28


July 28, 2016, Xiamen Highdart Electronic Information Co., Ltd. was the National SME Share Transfer System Co., Ltd. issued NEEQ application materials "acceptance notice", which marks NEEQ Work has made substantial progress.

      Highdart into the NEEQ, will help improve the company's value, expand the company's brand influence, improve the company's capital structure, strengthen internal management and risk control, promote the company's standardized development for the company to expand the scale of operation , To attract external funds to lay a solid foundation, will significantly expand the company's development space.

      Since the establishment of electronic information in 2001, is committed to automotive electronics product development, production, sales, products widely applicable to the well-known car companies, the main products cover digital mirrors, electronic clock, speakers, bus electronic display card, Car audio, optical reversing radar system, tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), OBD, traffic logger, school bus signs, warning lights, stop station, etc., in the company's joint efforts of various departments colleagues, the company has been steadily And to obtain whether the results can be congratulated in the 16 years, access to the invention patents, dozens of awards as much honor, the sea has become the electronics electronics manufacturing electronics industry's bright star