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Gps Tracker-School Bus Security Management System

School Bus Security Management System


1.GPS positioning and 3G/4G wireless transmission

It can improve logistics and minimize costs by accurately reporting bus locations, providing real-time data to allow fast response to breakdowns, accidents and other emergencies. The parents can query the location of bus on Google map through the mobile traveler information system.

2.Real time monitoring

Monitoring the behavior of drivers and students as well as bus speed to improve safety. Mobile app realizes remote video monitoring for both schools and parents.

3.Based on RFID technology to check the students identification

Our DVR controller is embedded with a 13.56MHz RFID card reader for student identification. The swiping records will be sent to parents in forms of SMS.

4.Short Message service

It provides short message service to track the status of individuals (student, driver, and 

school bus). 



1. Manage & dispatch the school buses

2.Real-time monitoring

3.Message notice to each parent


1.Remote video monitoring by mobile app

2.To track where their kids reached


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